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What happened to MPlus? What is a Mamamia Subscription?

To help integrate subscription content with the broader Mamamia ecosystem, MPlus is rebranding and is now known simply as the Mamamia subscription. Although the name is changing, the Mamamia subscription will continue to offer users unlimited access

How do I access my subscription content?

To access the best content for women through your Mamamia subscription, login on the Mamamia app or website using the same email address you signed up with. Then, head to the Subscriber Feed and use the "Browse" menu to access subscriber-only content

Can I gift someone a Mamamia subscription?

Absolutely! What an awesome gift idea 😉 You can gift an annual subscription to Mamamia through our gift page. If you choose to have your gift delivered immediately, the recipient will receive an email from us straight away with a code they can use t

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

Lucky you! To redeem your gift you'll need to create a Mamamia account and apply the code you've been sent during the checkout process. Head to the Mamamia subscription sign up page and scroll down to the "Create Account" section. Fill in your detail